Watch videos of three courageous Parkinson’s patients sharing their personal experiences.

Their stories are revealing, moving, and inspirational.


Tamra is a Parkinson’s patient and single mom raising two special-needs children. She is also working as a fundraiser for Parkinson’s research. Along with her caregiver and her movement disorder specialist (MDS), Tamra explains how important it is to accept help, stay engaged, keep active, and to seek the care of an MDS. She credits her MDS with helping her pinpoint the right balance of medication, exercise, and social activities—which all play important roles in her treatment.


A lifelong actor and dancer, Geoffrey was performing with a local theater group when his longtime partner, Donald, noticed a lack of expression on Geoffrey’s face. Donald shared his concerns and they consulted a neurologist. After a series of tests, Geoffrey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Together, the couple faced the challenges—Donald, by providing care and support; Geoffrey, by keeping focused on his treatment and ways to address his diminished capabilities. Their story is a touching tribute to commitment and optimism.


After his diagnosis for Parkinson’s, a car accident left Dan severely injured and was, tragically, fatal for his wife. Dealing with PD, physical trauma, and emotional upheaval from the accident, Dan was told he would never walk again. Five months later however, through daily physiotherapy, Dan was walking again. Today, Dan still makes exercise a key part of his routine in battling Parkinson’s. With support from his movement disorder specialist and close friends, Dan is navigating his journey with a proactive, positive mindset.